Robert James Gulledge.
I sing and scream in a band called €vincia.
I'm a huge Pokemon geek.

Currently on a mission to collect, play, and beat all 296 Nintendo64 games.

I’m about to type a rant, so just skip this if you’re one of those tl;dr people.

When I first started listening to heavy music (music with more than 50% harsh vocals) I didn’t start out listening to bands like Asking Alexandria and Attack Attack like most of my friends. The very first band that was heavy that I ever got into was Napalm Death. I loved it, it was so fucking unlike anything I ever heard on the radio. I was poor back then, (this is when i was REALLY young, maybe like 10) my family didn’t have internet or a computer, but my mom had one of those super cool flip phones, where you could buy ringtones for $3 (yeah the struggle) We couldn’t afford to buy them, but my mom would let me hold her phone for a few hours and just listen to them. Mind you, this wasn’t the whole song, this was probably 6 seconds out of the WHOLE song, and I would just replay them over and over and over again. I was baffled by the drummer playing so fast, the guitarist playing so many notes, and the harsh vocals. Before that, the heaviest band I had ever heard was probably Linkin Park or something (which is a band I like to this day) Eventually, we got internet and a computer, and I had access to discover thousands of metal bands. I got into Death,Children of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Deicide, and God Dethroned. Not only did I love the music, I loved the attitudes. It wasn’t a contest to see who was the best looking person like pop music, in fact most of them were shit faced ugly (besides Chuck Shuldiner ♥) There was no “right” way to look or act metal, you just were. Metal only had one rule to me, and that was do whatever the fuck you want. You wanna wear all black and wear spikes? That’s metal. You wanna wear band t’s and blue jeans? That’s metal too. Anything you wear is metal, as long as you like it, because the metal culture wasn’t (at least not then) about how you looked. The bands didn’t purposely play super basic stuff, they didnt play what people wanted to hear. They played the music they wanted to hear. The reason behind this whole rant is that I see people I know, mostly who come from the metalcore/post hardcore background (which is nothing wrong with that btw, i love tons of bands in those genres) Most of those bands aren’t about the music. They got signed to a record label because they were attractive. Because they had a lot of tattoos. The fans that are girls only like them because they’re hot. And don’t get me started on Deathcore. It’s my favorite genre musically, but the culture around deathcore is the most annoying fucking thing in the world. Everyone in deathcore has some stupid tough guy attitude like “hurr durr im so bad ass cause i listen to heavy bands! ill fuckin beat u up in the pit u pussy lets see how long ud last in an I declare war pit u fuckin pussy i have my lobes stretched to the size of dinner plates and i have a bunch of shitty meaningless tatoos, IM SO FUCKIN BRUTAL clean singing ruins any song even if they are an amazing singer and it fits perfectly with the song, chelsea grin is sellouts because they added melodic parts and a little bit of clean vocals, anything that isnt chugs all the time is GAY” It’s so annoying to go to deathcore concerts because 99% of the people there will dislike a person like me because i dont “dress deathcore” like thats fucking stupid dude, I love the music, isn’t that what this is all about? Not saying death metal fans can’t be annoying too, but out of all the death metal concerts ive been to, i havent had a single problem with anyone in the crowd. (probably because the average age at a deathcore show is 17 while the average age at a death metal show is like 30) It makes me so upset now that there are these bands (i wont say any names, but you know exactly who i mean) who just jump on the latest trend, find some niche that sells, and just write some basic shit only with the intention of getting famous. Yes, as a musician, i want the most money and exposure i can possibly get out of my music. BUT, I want to have quality music that I truly enjoy and am satisfied with. See, the reason i talked about all the stuff above, I liked metal because it was the opposite of pop music, no one gave a fuck, it was all about the music, but now I see the metal i love becoming exactly what pop music is. Fucking record sales. No one cares about music anymore. No one cares about any kind of culture. It’s just dress more br00tal, have more tattoos, more chugs, bigger plugs. What happened to metal?